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Hey girls, let's talk. For over a decade, I've had the privilege of playing the role of gay best friend to many intelligent, funny and gorgeous.
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If only she knew. I love her to pieces. We love facetiming though.


We once talked for 7 hours straight and we watched movies on Netflix that she showed me by holding the phone to the screen. We also play 20 questions even though we know eachother. What do I do now? Hey, She probably likes you. If you see her staring at ya and when you caught her staring and turning her head away, that means it might be a chance she likes you back. Also, be more romantic, show her evidence that you like her.

Touch her hand or smile at her.

Straight men dating men and the gay men who fall in love them | British GQ

Be nice, when she needs you be there for her. What should I do!!!!

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My male best friend is in love wt me. Am older than him and I dont ve e same feelings for him but he told to me he is in with me. Her hair, her jokes, her voice, her freckles, I could go on and on. The problem? Any advice would be absolutely magnificent, thanks. She always kisses me on the cheek and says I feel as though your my other half.

But when I sleep over she keeps her her distance when sober. She says she would never be with a women this is so confusing. She was really cute. I have a similar problem. Last year I started varsity and met this really funny gay guy and we hit it off and became good friends.

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This year has been a hectic one emotionally for me and we have gotten super close. He is so supportive and such an amazing friend, we talk about everything from sex, heartbreak to random theories about the universe. He has even said we are soul mates. The only problem is that I am crazy, head-over-heals in love with him! On my channel my fans have shipped me with my best friend, who I have a massive crush on. For appearances, we go along with it in the videos and now it has become an inside joke within my friends.

Because of this, we often act a little more than platonic, but I dont know how much is a joke anymore.

I want to share my feelings and hoping that you all give me some advice and realization about my situation. Im so confused that time cause she has a boyfriend and she looks so girly that you will never suspect her as bi or lesbi. I really like her until now but i never open again our conversation that we have that night and same with her because of awkwardness i guess. But maybe she knows that i like her so she said that to make me confess to her or maybe shes up to something. Thats why im so confused right now she gave me alot of mixed signals and i hate it cause i dont know what to do.

So give me some advice and knock my senses that she will never ever love me back.. It sounds like she had a little too much to drink. I imagine that she is bi-curious and might be up to something. She may be trying to get a confession out of you if you have been dropping hints towards her for a while or she might actually me interested in you. I know that looks can be deceiving, especially since no one has pinned me as bisexual yet — so she might at least be bisexual. Best of luck, keep us updated! Everytime I see her I grin and I just always look forward to seeing her.

Breaking barriers

She even said she was questioning her sexuality after my other friend asked her. I feel like sometimes she might feel the same way. I always try to cuddle with her at sleepovers but she hates it.

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She means so much to me and I value my friendship with her too much to even risk the chance of losing her. I think about her every minute of the day and wonder what would happen if I did tell her. Haha, is this my life story? Does she only flirt whenever she is drunk? She is obviously not afraid to at least be moderately intimate since she allows your tongues to touch and spoons you while despising affection.

I personally think that she is into you since she is overlooking her negative feelings for affection. But, be prepared for any outcome and remember that almost everything heals with time.

The straight men dating men and the gay men who fall in love with them

Good luck and keep us updated! And I think she has feelings for me because: She sticks her tongue out at me and I do it back. We make weird faces. And she compliments me kinda often. And it sounded like she called me sweetheart and baby at the mall on Friday August 5,then on Monday,August 8,it sounded like she called me baby and amora which means love.

And earlier we were talking about how I never get tired of her, and we were having a great conversation that was kinda funny and fun too. I love you too. Hey,I go by the name of lily the thing is that I have the same problem I once told this girl I met few days back that I liked her and she properly rejected me coz she is straight and she has a bf,but the thing Is that I love her so much, so what should I do I need help.

What if you are in a relationship with a guy but are in love with ur straight best friend who is a girl. We are in the same situation. If you do something tell me.

5 Dating Tips for Straight Girls From a Gay Guy

I will tell you if I do something in the following months. Same exact situation. Keep us updated! I literally crave her attention and approval and feel pretty pathetic about it. Im so absorbed in everything about her, her voice, her appearance her mannerisms and just want to stare. She had a really hard time with her family when she was younger, and me too.

She told me lately that she never kissed a girl before but that she wants to kiss a girl now.